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خانه دوست کجاست؟

I am seeking for an intelligent girl for friendship and love. Someone who has a goal in her life, a child in her heart and a serious world in her mind. Someone who believes in love and wants to start a marriage-minded relationship. تشنگان گر آب جویند از جهان !آب هم جوید به عالم تشنگان مولوی . I believe friendship, understanding and love are the base of an enjoyable peaceful life. If you know what you want in life, if you are intelligent, well-read and intellectual, if you are after continuous mutual growth in life, then we can start our communication. And if you are looking for a kind, multi-dimensional, strong, highly logical and at the same time sportsman, humorous, family oriented and loving man then we are at the same track. . I am in favor of laughing and comedy films. I like sports, arts, profound movies, traveling to see the other places and cultures, discovering various beauties of nature and taking good photos of them which all will be more joyful with a true accompany. . I define LOVE as the ultimate stage of unselfishness. The meaning of love is: you prefer your mate to everything and anything else in this world! So I value LOYALTY and MONOGAMY. In my opinion LOVE is the point of evolution, i.e. the point that mankind makes him/herself better. With any capability, mankind is weak in loneliness. That's love which empowers him/her and covers his/her weakness. With love you can even move mountains! Where is the origin of love? I think from understanding each other.

Best Feature
5'  9"   (175 cm)
Family Roots
White / Caucasian
My Lifestyle
Has Kids
Wants Kids
I'll tell you later
Doctoral Degree
Technical Science / Engineering
Over $100,000
What languages do you speak?
English, Farsi / Persian
Favorite Artists
Favorite Authors
Mowlavi, Shamloo, Forough, Hedayat, Bayzaayi, Robert Merle, Saint-Exupéry, Roman Roland, George Orwell, Arthur Miller, ....many
Favorite Books
Poetry, Roman, Literature, Satire
Favorite Comedies
Life is beautiful, Pink panther, Chaplin, Harold LLoyd, Mad mad world
Favorite Dramas
Bashoo, Dreams(Kourosawa), Children of heaven
Favorite Quote From A Movie
مردمان ِ بی شعر، مردمان ِ بی فرهنگی هستند. تی اس اليوت
Favorite Sports
Soccer, Running , Cycling, body buliding, Any group sports, chess
Favorite Foods
Favorite Styles Of Music
Classical, Opera, Sonatti, jazz, Iranian
Beethoven, Motzart, Tchaikovsky
یك روز اهالی روستا كاردی پيدا كردند و پيش ملانصرالدين آوردند و پرسيدند:«اين چيست؟» گفت:«اين اره است كه هنوز دندان در نياورده!»ـ
دختری که «نمی داند چه می خواهد» شروع می کند با افراد مختلف حرف زدن تا ببیند از چه کسی خوشش می آید. دختری که «می داند چه می خواهد» به مجرد اینکه پروفیل را می خواند اگر انعکاس خود را در آن ببیند با خود می گوید این همان کسی است که من می خواستم و آرزویش را داشتم.ـ
Running 5000 meters, in 30 min, 4 times a week.
Bayzayee, Naderi, ShahidSales, Tarkovsky, Kurosawa, Fellini, Chaplin, Bertolucci, Robert Redford, Polanski, Hitchcock
دختری که نمی خواهد ازدواج کند آمده است در این سایت تا به خود ثابت کند که: « گشتم! اما پیدا نشد!»ـ
Sunset in the front of ocean!
انسان در جستجوی معنی
Is a MUST to be intellectual.
When a girl does NOT know what she wants in a relation, she starts shopping around!!
Farhad, Ferydoun Foroughi, Mohamad Nouri, MehrPouya,Kourosh Yaghmaei
آی آدم ها که بر ساحل نشسته شاد و خندانید ! یک نفر درآب دارد می سپارد جان یک نفر دارد که دست و پای دائم می زند روی این دریای تند
Do you believe in love at first sight?
LOVE does not come from looking at each other. LOVE comes from looking at the same direction! *عشق چيزی به جز تفاهمی آشکار نیست! ـ *
How important is someone's physical appearance to you?
50%.When the MIND is not nice, the most beautiful one becomes the most hateful soon!A relation that STARTS with appearance cannot last long and will reach nowhere.Never START from appearance but END with that! Never absorbed by cover of a book. Read the book! Kids who are not able to read, they just look at the pictures inside the book!
What is the most important lesson that you've learned?
حال دنیا را بپرسیدم من از فرزانه‌ای گفت یا آب است یا خاک است یا پروانه‌ای!ـ گفتمش احوال عمرم را بگو این عمر چیست ؟ـ گفت یا برق است یا باد است یا افسانه‌ای!ـ گفتمش اینها که می بینی چرا دل بسته اند؟ـ گفت یا خوابند یا مستند یا دیوانه‌ای!ـ گفتمش احوال عمرم را پس از مردن بگو؟ـ گفت یا باغ است یا نار است یا ویرانه‌ای!ـ ابوسعید ابوالخیر
What gets on your nerves?
Please note the difference between usual dating and ONLINE dating: The big difference is that in usual dating people first see each other, then know each other. In ONLINE dating people know each other first, then see each other. In ONLINE dating first we know inside of each other(i.e. our mind) and then our look, appearance and behavior, which I believe are important but they are rou-banaa not zir-banaa. The usual dating is an outward-inward process but ONLINE dating is an inward-outward process. In this ONLINE dating site if you want to act the same way as usual dating, you are in a WRONG place!
What is the most important thing in a relationship?
افلاطون می گوید:ـ اگر با دلت چیزی یا کسی رو دوست داری زیاد جدی نگیرش،ـ چون ارزشی ندارد،ـ چون کار دل دوست داشتن است، مثل کار چشم که دیدن است.ـ اما اگر یک روز با عقلت کسی رو دوست داشتی،ـ اگه عقلت عاشق شد، بدان که داری چیزی را تجربه می کنی که اسمش عشق واقعی است.ـ *حس فانی می‌دهند و عشق فانی می‌خرند* *!زین دو جوی خشک بگذر! جویبار خویش باش*
What's the best age to get married?
در دلم بود که بی دوست نباشم هرگز -- چه توان کرد؟ که سعیِ من و دل باطل بود!ا
What turns you off?
Making so many pictures public for anyone is not a positive thing and it is just your personal choice. If you want to START a relation with just apperance and pick a man by a dead photo it only shows you are not ready for a serious relationship.
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