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Vancouver, British Columbia
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The best & most beautiful things in the world must be felt with the HEART.

Having a zest for life. Family values. Living in the present and learning from the past. Embracing life. A happy, passionate, and energetic person and would like to share my life with the king of my heart, who is looking for his queen. 20% of life is about what happens to us and 80% about what we do about it. Although we all are grown ups with responsibilities but we still have the inner child that must be identified, embraced, and appreciated for a healthy and loving relationship. "With love you don't bargain there, the choice is yours. Love is a mirror, it reflects only your essence, if you have the courage to look in its face". Rumi Happiness between a couple is defined by their trust, respect, friendship, compassion, care, joy, love، and sharing mutual interests. Being in a loving committed relationship with the right person is so beautiful, inspiring and nurturing as long as the mental, emotional, and physical intimacy are present and well aligned. Fitness, taking care of our physical, mental, and emotional health are important to me. I enjoy travelling, sports, literature, dancing, concerts, family/friends gatherings as well as the comfort and warmth of a cozy home. I am looking for my BEST FRIEND to call my life partner, exploring ourselves towards growth. I live to love and love to laugh. But doing that TOGETHER is so much more fun.مثل یک جریان موسیقی مثل یک باران پاییزی مهربانی، نوید نسیم چمن زار است قهقهه هایی آسمانی و آرامش زلال زندگی را برای همه انسانها آرزو دارم

Best Feature
5'  4"   (163 cm)
Family Roots
Middle Eastern
My Lifestyle
Has Kids
Wants Kids
Associate Degree
Administrative / Human Resources
I'll tell you later
What languages do you speak?
English, Farsi / Persian
Favorite Music
Alternative, Blues, Classical, Dance / Electronica / House, Latin, Middle Eastern / Persian / Arabic, New Age, Reggae, Jazz
Favorite Actors
Charlie Chaplin, AL Pachino, Andy Garcia, Robert Deniro, Antony Hopkins, Robin William's, Beik Imanverdi, Behrouz Vosoughi, Naser Malekmoteei
Favorite Actresses
Audry Hepburn, Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts
Favorite Artists
We all are unique artists in our lives performing on the stage and giving life our best shots to make it meaningful and memorable
Favorite Athletes
Favorite Authors
Iraj Pezeshkzad, Mahmoud Dowlatabadi, Roman Rolan, Hafez, Rumi, Sadi, Ferdowsi, Fereydoon Moshiri, Sohrab Sepehri, Parto Kermanshahi, Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, John Grisham
Favorite Bands
Modern Talking, Rastaak, Kako Band, Shams, Gipsy King, Enigma، U2
Favorite Hangouts
When you are with your best friend, lover, Yaar, anywhere is beautiful.Dance floor, on the water, I love book stores and enjoy spending time there. I die for walking on the mountains in Kurdestan and Whistler. Anywhere with a loved one (road trips, horseback riding, or bowling, enjoying a nice adventurous hike or exploring the ocean and jumping off the boat in hidden secret spots). I do have special interest and passion hanging out in a book store, horseback riding tour in the lake, and weight lifting at the GYM.
Favorite Books
Jaane Shifteh ( Roman Rolan), Man's Search For Meaning (Viktor E. Frankl), The Celestica Prophecy (James Redfield), life's Greatest Lessons (Hal Urban), Melate Eshgh.
Favorite Cities
Anywhere that I can see and learn new things and experiencing a new culture ( I like Vancouver, Victoria, San Francisco, San Diego, Venice, Milan, Wales, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Montreal,Kurdestan, Whistler, Florence, Monaco, and Paris for sure!))
Favorite Clothing Stores
Salomon, North Face, Harrods
Favorite Colors
Favorite Country
Iran, Italy, Wales, Scotland, Switzerland, France, and Canada
Favorite Drinks
Anything colourful
Favorite Fashion Designers
Brighton ( because it's all hearts)
Favorite Fast Foods
Staying away
Favorite Magazines
Favorite Comedies
Favorite Dramas
God Father
Favorite Horror Movies
The only category that I don't watch (alone)
Favorite Action Movies
007, Arnold and Jackie Chan's movies
Favorite News Anchor
Christian Amanpour, Peter Mansbridge
Favorite Night Clubs
My home and nice big clubs with high ceilings and beautiful colourful lighting which often exists in Europe not in North America
Favorite Place To Be Kissed
When there's compatibility and true love, anywhere, everywhere. The beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Anywhere anytime with the right person. Embracing the moment to nurture eachother and grow together on different levels.
Favorite Plays
Phantom of the Opera, My Fair Lady, Shahre Gheseh
Favorite Politicians
Amir Kabir
Favorite Sports Teams
Any team who has the best teamwork.
Favorite Quote From A Movie
You make me wanna be a better man.
Favorite Restaurants
Anywhere on the mountain or on the beach
Favorite Songs At The Moment
Dance me to the end of love, Strangers in the night
Favorite Sports
Ping pong, Biking, Swimming, Hiking, Kayaking, Sup, Skiing
Favorite Stocks
Chicken stocks!!!
Favorite TV Comedies
Schits creek, Paytakht ( fadayee darii dadashhhh)(lol)
Favorite TV Dramas
This is US, Virgin River, Medicci
Favorite Foods
Persian, Italian, Sushi, Salmon ( Soups & Salads), any homemade food that is made with Love.
Favorite Styles Of Music
Varies, depends on the mood, place, company but I really enjoy folk music. Music is the food for soul, feeling the beats and connecting with the words, and appreciating the whole package.
Horses- I enjoy horseback riding, Dogs are good friends
Not interested
Art of communication and social behavior - Appreciation for architecture of wood and stone
Absolutely Yes. I prefer my man to be the king of BBQ. I will wash the dishes and clean up. I promise.
Essential and important to know at least the basics about men and women' body, mind, and emotions
Board Games
TAKHTEH ( Backgammon)
Absolute happiness. Falling sleep with the music of river and waking up with the singing bird.
Card Games
Used to play Hokm and Shelem with cousins and friends long time ago.
A piece of material that takes us from A to B and doesn't represent our identity. I like red cars.
Innocent and amazing creatures
Refreshing and fun
Community Service
A professional volunteer. It feels go to give back to the community within our capabilities
Fun and adventurous, enjoy dancing while cooking. Cooking is my meditation and hobby.
enjoy all kinds of it very much. I love to dance with my partner, specifically Tango and Argentinian Tango or Persian gher..
Involves honesty, mutual respect and understanding. A learning opportunity about one another with an open mind and positive attitude not bringing any old sorrows and never giving up believing in that an amazing match is waiting for us out there. Being observant during dating teaches us about our own self more and provides an opportunity to get to know someone else. Honesty, open and direct communication, and having an open mind non-judgmental mind are the keys during dating phase.
Dogs and Cats
Cute and fun to have around, preferably outside.
I am not very knowledgeable about it.
Neccessary to look after our body, mind, and emotions specially as we age
Not picky at all. I love it when shared with family and friends.
Plants and flowers are good friends just like books.
It's a blessing to stay in touch with family and friends through video calls from all over the world.
Live Concerts
I like it a lot especially if having great seats
Not my strength
Kindness is the best medicine. Mental health is as important as physical health.
Big fan. Have a collection. (Shawshank Redemption & God Father stand out).
Enjoy it. Very romantic
A way of self expression
Enjoy the discussion and listening to others perspective
like capturing the moments of beauty and heartfelt
Never ending discussion, often going around the circle
A must know in life, to help understanding human's mind and behaviour
103.5 Vancouver, BC
Persian and non persian Poetry and interpersonal skills and communication as well as the application of learnings into daily life. Knowledge is power.
No. Only humanity. I am not a religious person. I believe in living with love and kindness towards the universe and all people.
Like Persian rugs, specially Naiin
On treadmill
Always enjoy learning. Student of university of life
Harrods in London and Milan in Italy
Fulfilling and self expression, a great talent specially in the Forrest mountain biking or hiking, keeping the bears away.
Sky Diving
Will experience it this summer for sure.
Why snowboarding when there is skiing. lol ( never ending battle between snowboards and skiers, lol), no disrespect to the snowboarders but please don't hit the skiers. I wish they had designated areas for snowboarders only. Lol
Trying to keep up but not successful all the time. Lol
Really fun. Both on the table and on the ground. like alot.
Absolutely wonderful. short weekend getaway or crossing the ocean
Video Games
Never experienced it
Walking or dancing in the rain or getting lost in the Forrest. so mesmerizing.
One of my hobbies. Mind gargling or heart blender
Adventurousness Somewhat Daring
Affectionateness Very Doting
Trustingness Somewhat Gullible
Confidence Very Confident
Mood Somewhat Chill
Romance Very Romantic
Sociability Somewhat Extroverted
Thought Process Somewhat Analytical
Tolerance Compliant
Energy Very High
Go Party Sometimes
Neatness Super Neat
Punctuality Always Early
Work Ethic Driven
Describe the perfect evening.
Planning is good but going with the flow is better. When there is a connection, anywhere is heaven with the right person. It's not much about where as it's all about feeling comfortable, connected, respected, safe, kind, and caring with one another. Anytime, anywhere that we can put a dazzling smile on eachother's face, that is a perfect evening, also experiencing beautiful and memorable intimacy in all levels including mental, emotional, and physical with the right partner who knows how to love and Express feelings in creative and thoughtful ways..
Describe your perfect weekend.
Away from the routine. Enjoying outdoor activities, exploring, and adventure. Embracing the nature. Feeling fulfilled. With the right person and/or like minded group of friends anywhere is fun and wonderful.or doing absolutely nothing, relaxing and watching movies and or enjoying silence. Being flexible and going with the flow as heart desires is priceless. It's important to unwind, chil, and have a mental vacation from daily heavy work load responsibilities and recharge each other's batteries. Also sometimes staying home and relax is much needed and peaceful. Flexibility and adaptability are great assets..
Do you believe in love at first sight?
I believe in attraction at first sight, (chemistry). If there is compatibility, Love grows over time (or not).
How many kids would you like to have?
Too late for that.
How important is someone's physical appearance to you?
Having that SPARK, that would last a lifetime is the key.Chemistry is important. It's important that we take care of our body, mind, and soul. One formula doesn'twork for everyone. It's important to feel that electric vibe when we look at eachother. .
If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?
حقیقت زندگی این است که زندگی در جریان است. و ما همچون ماهیانی شناور در اقیانوس پر عظمت هستی در جستجوی نیمه گمشده خود هستیم. همه ما کم و بیش در مقاطع مختلف زندگی تجربیات تلخ و شیرینی را پشت سر گذاشته ایم. هنر بزرگ در زندگی این است که اجازه ندهیم که تجربیات تلخمان ما را از مثبت اندیشی باز دارند و همچنان شور زندگی در وجودمان جریان داشته باشد و امیدواری به اینکه انسانی با وجدان، با شرف، با فهم و شعور، و قدر شناس در جایی در این کره خاکی منتظرمان هست که عشق را با هم تجربه کنیم و همدیگر را از مهر و محبت و صفا و صمیمیت سیراب گردانیم. نزدیکی فکری و هماهنگی در ۶ مورد اصلی زندگی مشترک که پایه های اصلی یک رابطه سالم، انسانی، و عاشقانه را فراهم میسازند، از جمله اصول غیر قابل انکار می باشند: هماهنگی احساسی/ عاطفی، روانی، خانوادگی، اجتماعی، مذهبی، و جنسی. و این شناخت مهم بین دو نفر بدست نمی اید مگر با وقت گذاشتن برای هم، توجه دادن به هم، گفتگوی متداوم، دیدار مکرر، و علاقه به دانستن در مورد همدیگر. It takes courage, strength, and passion to want to start a new relationship and it requires: effort, determination, understanding, persuasion, and outstanding communication skills. Time is the best teacher. There is always a solution depending on how bad we want to resolve the obstacles and challenges along the way. If all that resonates with you and sounds familiar to you, please feel free to contact me. I wish everyone all the best in this beautiful and adventurous path.
What is the purpose of marriage?
Sharing happiness, peace, growing together, and having fun surpassing life challenges together. Embracing the beauty of universe and learning together. Sharing love, care, kindness, compassion, and being eachother's best friends. One day I would like to be married to the king of my heart and we grow old together. .
What is the most important lesson that you've learned?
IGiving our time to eachother is the best gift. Trust your gut feeling. If a man cannot be honest with himself he can never be honest with a woman ( and the other way around). Be yourself. You're not going to master the rest of your life in one day. Just relax. Master the day. Then just keep doing that everyday. Never change your family values. Love never lies. It takes 2 to tango. Making sure we are on the same page emotionally and having same priorities. Some people don't say what they think and they don't mean what they say. Being aware of others insecurities. People who lie or hide things it's because of their insecurities and out of fear. It takes guts, courage, and strength to be honest, truthful, and having integrity.Not assuming anything but asking direct questions. You can never put yourself in someone else's shoes, as it's hard to feel what difficult times people have had through out their lives, so be kind to others. Everyone has had a battle in life to get to where they are today, so be understanding and compassionate. A person with a negative lens towards life hardly changes that lens to a positive lens. Value your own positive lens and look for someone with the same positive lens. It's never too late to truly live as long as we are alive. Making sure our definition of living are aligned in life. It takes 2 to TANGO. The fundamental of the Tango dance applies to a relationship. Knowing the technique, when to lead, when to follow, and embracing the creation of a masterpiece so gracefully and beautifully is absolutely worth the effort and dedication, resulting a pure sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. .
What do your friends like about you most?
My Heart. My signature smile and laughs, having integrity, being caring and thoughtful, having a positive attitude and remaining strong in any situation, and above all, having shoore zendegi. Having great parts of both Iranian and Canadian cultures within me. Being happy and still having gratitude towards life even when I have every reason not to.
What do your friends tease you about the most?
I trust everyone until otherwise. Being too polite but not tarofii. Liking red colour and having collection of heart shape items. Making my bed even at the hotel room. Lol, being impeccable with my writing, speaking, choice of words, and naturally easily making everything right.
What gets on your nerves?
Not respecting people's time, failure in keeping your own words. Lack of communication and common sense, unpunctual, unorganized and being arrogant. Khaleh zanak bazi and intruding in people's privacy and not respecting their space. Chewing gums loudly with disturbing noise. Slow drivers in the passing/speed lane. Lol
What is the most important thing in a relationship?
Listening skills. Not judgemental. Appreciating the effort and dedication, trust, understanding, respect, love, and kindness. . Open and honest regular open communication. Respect and politeness. Friendship and comfort.Being kind is more important than being right. Friendship. Open communication. Deep understanding. Mutual respect & trust. Always having something to talk about. Liking and connecting with eachother's families. Counting evey second to fly into each other's arms to share what kind of a day we had. Passion and nurturing the sparks. Compatibility and being in the same mental and emotional zone. While enjoying togetherness but respecting and understanding some space. Moving towards the same vision and mission as one awesome team.
What's the best age to get married?
When you know who you are and what you want, then when you meet your match.
What turns you off?
Insecure people, Game players. Taking advantage of my kind heart. Pretending someone you are not. Arrogance. Narsissm. Negative attitude. Nagging. lies.A difficult person who talks down to people. A man who doesn't know what he wants in life and still looking for a relationship, and disrespectful manners, failure to look clean, fresh, and sharp.
What turns you on?
Intelligence. Humbleness. Thoughtfulness. Providing a helping hand to other people, Having a world view. Positive attitude. Nice teeth. Deep and true understanding. Thoughtfulness. Great smile. Controlling temper. An honorable man who is self aware of his thoughts and actions. A man who knows how to Express his feelings in multiple ways. A man who enjoys dancing with ME. A man who can cook is sexy. A man who knows how to make me feel special as he becomes my world as the love of my life, last but not least, a fit man with a pure heart and soul. .
What do you hope to be doing five years from now?
Enjoying life as I am now, with my life partner and putting smiles on eachother's face every single day as long as we shall live. Being happy together that our search in the universe for finding the love of our life is finally over.would be interested in getting to know a man who is currently NOT in a relationship and emotionally available. A man who would be compatible with me and knows how a woman likes to be loved and wanted as I know how to respect and appreciate my man. To develop an emotional connection based on friendship, trust, openness, safety, consistency, and true caring - (that is how to come to certainty), this is so peaceful, which eventually could lead into love. I hope we find the power and wisdom that wait within us to guide our hearts toward the love that is healthy, joyous, and real.
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