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Marina Del Rey, California
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Despite being hopeless romantic I wish this holiday we all find love

life is more enjoyable if we have good love. sometime I miss me. The old me the happy me the smiling me the gone me. Ofcourse my preference is someone local But honestly I grow up in NY moved to calif for better life but if you can show me we can have better life in Paris or Germany or Florida or San Francisco….hey why not! No green cards plz. not someone asks How much $$ u have or if u had kids! We have to think ++ be optIMistic hoping there is someone out there for me. It’s not easy to please everyone but once chemistry is there as long as we find each other interesting then as day by day goes we discover good comm on we share that’s all what is it about make romance successful a tender touch kiss holding hands her scent love compassion prosperity laughter, don’t want someone fake materialistic . Someone who wants the man for his charm inner soul funniness, someone around 40 to 50..I was married during college long tIMe ago to american have grown up son living in NY. Some say oh u have kid some say oh looking for man who never been with anyone some say u r political some some say oh u can’t come to iran some say u r not rich like doctor lawyers in LA. I try stay away from fakes, Seen too many Kardashian type girls in LA who judge a book by its cover Everyone says I don’t look nor act my age The kid inside me the adventurous dancing sense of humor funniness I like music chilling on yacht enjoy ocean breeze, beach, movies, ‌cooking, nature traveling . compassion

Best Feature
5'  9"   (175 cm)
Family Roots
Middle Eastern
My Lifestyle
Has Kids
I'll tell you later
Wants Kids
Bachelor's Degree
Advertising / Marketing / Public Relations
I'll tell you later
Middle Of The Road
What languages do you speak?
English, Farsi / Persian, Spanish, Turkish
Favorite Music
Blues, Classic Rock, Dance / Electronica / House, Latin, Middle Eastern / Persian / Arabic, Rock & Roll, New Age, Rap / Hip-Hop
Favorite Actors
Here is the honest testimony, I have seen couple's seminars that the couple saying why most relationships specially, in Los Angeles does not last more than 2-3 months I laughed, and I said that’s impossible, 6 months ago I went through this experience, I met this wonderful girl from Irvine And everything was perfect. Chemistry compatibility, not drinking, not smoking, great passionate, long, lovemaking, financial stability, and then things slow down for her and for me it was getting more deeper more serious, more compassionate and she keep mentioning yeah, these other people message me you don’t know how many people messaging me and I’m like why are you even bothering with that? Just go have dinner with them but don’t go further if you have to and eventually she got tired driving to our place half an hour 40 minutes driving and she fadeaway that little by little she fede away apart it was painful for me to see her space empty now I know they have so many options to choose and to wander around and they go on the checklist and the next and the next and the next
Favorite Hangouts
در دنیا اگر اول زندگیت کسی را پیدا کردی که کردی یعنی خدا شانس بهت داده ولی آخر عمریت که نصفه راه را رفتی خیلی سخت میشه کسی دلدار مثل خودت پیدا کنی چون همه دستشون سوخته یا نمیخاند دیگری را بپذیرند با همه بدی و خوبیش و این مشکل پیدا کردن عزیز دل و همسر و شریک در نصفه راه میشه
Favorite Country
Favorite Fast Foods
خودم‌اشپزی میکنم موهام را رنگ‌ نکردم تا حالا چند تا چروک رو‌صورتم هست قرص مرص نمیخورم چند سانت شکم دارم تا پات رو‌ دمم نزاری خوش اخلاق هستم خسیس نیسم دلم‌برای ازادی جوانان ایران تایپ تایپ میکنه
Favorite Night Clubs
Getter bf too old for night clubs but NYC
Favorite Place To Be Kissed
Hmmmmm lips
Favorite Restaurants
Persian foods
Acting ? I love movies ….
I am an anima when it comes to making love romance ; imagine the picture of beauty and beast I am that ugly Beast with couole gray hairs couple wrinkles with couple bucks in my account
average relationship expectancy for Persian people LA is 2 to 3 months. I never believed that then when I saw that statistic report due to the fact the number of migrant travelers immigrants coming from Iran Mexico, China, Africa to hear is 10 times more than the female so there is, big gap between the numbers of men in the market and the woman. Therefore, when the woman is dating, she gets numerous other offers, or perhaps, seeking other opportunity may be someone better, and that kills the relationship.
I try to spend as much as time on my boat in water as I, is fun and relaxing
NO BARS for me anymore
Big bear lake is my favorite spot to take 1 of the RVs we sell and be in nature by lake and spend some romantic moments, I love to take road trip in RV to nice camp site by lake or ocean and start fire outside and enjoy the nature
Card Games
I used to be in Formula-1 Racing so cars are my passion toys hobby, have different types for each occasions
I love kids, I have grown up son living in NY, the kid in me never dies
‎شانس نداریم یکی را لایک‌میزنیم میفهمیم طرف سالها تو‌این سایت نیست دیگه یکی زا خوشمون‌میاد میگه اه چه بد تو‌کلیمی‌نیستی یکی را چت میکنیم میگه نمیخام بیام کالیفرنیا انیکی تو‌ایران و‌میگه بیا منو‌یبر‌و‌چند نفر هم‌که‌در لس انجلس رفتیم‌ قهوه بخوریم‌میخاستم در برم چون عکساش اصلا شبیهه خودش نبود البته ذات و خصلت هر انسانی که کمال طلب باشیم و بهترین را بخواهیم ولی دروغ نباید کفت
Best way to test your partner to see how real her words her love her interest is you on you is to say you are 60 or 70 years old or I’m a poor man I don’t have any money I don’t have any home of my own yet
Community Service
I give a lot of time when I can and am free to Iranian american community to help.
Like cooking
Like dancing
Adventurousness Very Daring
Affectionateness Average
Trustingness Average
Confidence Somewhat Confident
Independence Average
Mood Average
Romance Somewhat Romantic
Sociability Average
Thought Process Average
Tolerance Somewhat Unbending
Dress Very Casual
Energy Somewhat High
Go Party Often
Religion Small Part
Neatness Somewhat Neat
Punctuality Always On Time
Spending Average
Work Ethic Driven
Describe the perfect evening.
I am East Coast NY educated persian American, I grow up with best of the both world. Defiantly not LA Persian Guy who are flashy show off type or khale band! perhaps we leave the leisure to weekends so week night should be home cook some food do some work on computer and relax on sofa and watch little news and a nice movie or read a book.
Describe your perfect weekend.
Weekends if I can help it, we usually try spend on the small yacht in marina delray Bay on water and enjoy to barbecue kabob and relax and listen to music...I travel 4 times to 4 corners of the world each year for different reasons....I DON'T & CAN NOT TRAVEL TO IRAN to find myself a nice suitable wife aged 30-39
Do you believe in love at first sight?
‎ ای خدا واقعا چقدر دخترای ماهی تو ایران هستند و حیف که من ایران نمیتونم برم و با یکی از نزدیک اشنا بشم و لیرغم اینکه ده سال پیش یکی بخاطر گرین کارت از موقعیت من استفاده کرد ولی با اینهمه بدبین نیستم به همشون خوب هم پره
How important is someone's physical appearance to you?
yes chemistry is essential
What do your friends like about you most?
the kid inside me my funninest my care and helping others
What gets on your nerves?
lies and cheaters and users and fanatic ideology
What is the most important thing in a relationship?
no one is perfect, but must be honest and find positives little by little common things
What's the best age to get married?
I am not coffee date material. It will take a lot more than 10 minute coffee to get to know me very well my charm, my compassion, my love I think building trust from that moment on please allow me to invite you to make my dinner or lunch for you come on board The yacht we have tea or drink listen to music videos and I prepare a romantic meal. This takes a lot more energy than taking somebody to a restaurant.
What turns you off?
KARDASHIANS type girls, bad odor , too much make up as clown
What turns you on?
flower bomb perfume and Victoria secret
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