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Peoria, Illinois
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I hope to meet the person who’s right for me. Hopefully somewhere & soon….

I’m a female hoping to meet a male who I can trust who can also trust me. Someone I’m compatible with who’s also compatible with me. Someone who can help me when I need help and someone I can help when they need help. Someone who has patience and understanding with me and someone who wants me to have patience and understanding with them. Someone I can communicate with who will also communicates with me. Someone who can understand me enough that I don’t have to say anything or everything. Someone who doesn’t have to say anything or everything. Someone I can live with and someone who can live with me somewhere and in ways we’re both comfortable. Someone who can know me from me and someone I can know from them. Someone who understands that I can’t wait forever. Someone who understands that I don’t want to put my entire life online. Someone who can/will love me for who I really am and someone I can/will love for who they are. Someone who can understand my life was not perfect by any means. Someone who understands not all moments were bad. Someone who can understand that I can understand other peoples lives may not have been perfect either. Someone who can understand, believe and know that I have no hidden agenda. Someone who can understand that I don’t ask for help at moments when I don’t need help. Someone, somewhere who understands when I say I need help. Maybe this all isn’t possible. I don’t know Someone who understands I write more than I say.

5'  5"   (165 cm)
Family Roots
White / Caucasian
My Lifestyle
Trying to Quit
Has Kids
I'll tell you later
Wants Kids
I'll tell you later
Bachelor's Degree
I'll tell you later
I'll tell you later
I'll tell you later
What languages do you speak?
Favorite Music
I'll tell you later
Favorite Actors
Bumblebee , Optimus Prime
Favorite Athletes
Winter 2019/2020 Russian figure skaters
Favorite Drinks
Water, coffee, orange pop, yellow pop, vodka, amaretto, brandy, grasshoppers, wine, etc……
Favorite Action Movies
Favorite Quote From A Movie
You said you had to go and you left
Favorite Songs At The Moment
Somewhere Out There, SOS, This Christmas Day, A Star to Follow, Holding Out for a Hero
Favorite Sports
Those with some flexibility
Favorite Foods
Pizza, vegetables, etc…
Favorite Styles Of Music
Some country, some rock, some orchestra, some dance, some alternative, and some other styles, some dance, some Christmas
Yes,, I like antiques
Yes, I like artwork
Sometimes I like stars at night
Board Games
Can be nice at times., not alone though
Card Games
Yes, some
Some, sometimes
Sometimes when I have the space, equipment and means to do so
Sometimes , not alone though
I like some electronics
Yes, some
Yes, artwork. I really like painting pictures
Sometimes I like reading
Sometimes I like shopping
I like singing, sometimes
At times, I like traveling
Video Games
Writing cont (maybe fiction and nonfiction). All that can come from within me for another person would have to be a great person for me. Adding to my writing, I’ll only do what I can from the inside of me, not for just anyone.
For my writing section if I don’t know what to say and they don’t know what to say, what’s the point) (maybe he meant no man in any country, who knows) (maybe their will be a person very soon to prove to me that’s not true or very soon I’ll know that is true for me here) (Anyhow that’s the most I am aware of in this country as far as relationships, if I went to another country that may be different for me, I don’t know) (Because what I’ve written next is true for me here, I guess settling for the next person to either provide their number for me in person or online is the way to go under these circumstances.) (( in this country it’s kinda like, the next person who just gives you your number(just settle for that one I don’t know what it’s like where you are) ignore the past few added (I can’t do all that I don’t understand here and won’t, I’ll do what I understand for me) at the top, won’t allow me to edit at this moment
Sometimes I like writing(We probably won’t have much to communicate about, that (then we can just leave when we find someone more right) (I if I’m like they need me to be for here that way we’’ll never miss each other when one of us leaves) Since the right way is the opposite here, I’ll follow their path) hope to meet just anyone in person here) (Here ok, that’s all people and above people have to offer) (((Maybe that’s how people wanted my life to be here, with the choice before also, so I should say without those choices here(just anyone will do) For here, the area where I’ m located I like the song ‘Holding Out for a Hero’ by Bonnie Tyler it’s not my song though fitting for my situation) :(If you look at the population of people here and in surrounding areas and I’ve not met another person in person for a relationship for this amount of time, do you think I should think that’s possible here) (For more than four years without meeting another person in person for a possible relationship) (Waiting where I am located to meet another person in person doesn’t seem like an option for a relationship) (As backwards as this sounds, those near me where I was would have preferred I take advantage of people instead of being thankful for my job, maybe I would be in a better situation today if I had listened to them): (I didn’t join a profession where no sex was allowed, you would think so though from what I’ve been through here) (Maybe that’s because I didn’t want to choose the anyone will do path like they seemed to want here so I’ve had to suffer for that) ((I have learned here would not be a place for that in my path, that’s all I know about that)(((If and a big if, love were suppose to be in my path, I don’t know where that would ever be)(Otherwise, I don’t know seems like the most accurate answer)(I think I might (maybe) could say one thing about whats there, maybe)(The following message is all I could say without communication) (Don’t worry if anyone were to ever ask me, what’s here, my answer would only be(I don’t know) (A place for love and caring and communicating and all that stuff maybe somewhere , I’m saying I’m looking for that anymore, communication though with another person I am, not here though anymore)(If the following is what those here strives to be their best at, they succeeded) ( the most people could show me here is this what you want, isn’t and never will be here, that’s all)(aplace with another person who will communicate with me because I want them to also)(((A place with another person who can and will actually communicate with me because they really want to) A place where I can actually say nice things and communicate and compliment another person where that’s ok, as far as I know those here don’t need or want that)’ from me)(( (someone I can try my best for and do my best for, not here though)(I can only imagine at this moment, a man somewhere other than here that can be good for) (:(I wouldn’t know what this is like here, though maybe I could even meet someone there with a real potential job opportunity there also) (Guessing away may only be more wasted time for here and those here) (Maybe they only tried their best not to have that here for me and that’s all they were good at doing, I could guess away, or not care) (Here had so many years to do that and they didn’t or couldn’t) (At this moment I can only imagine how nice it would be to actually be with another person, dress nice for them, communicate with them, and so where else where that’s ok with them when I know that’s not here for me otherwise here would have been different than it was for me) ((I could say this many years without that here is my proof, that hasn’t been a possibility for me) (Maybe a singles cruise is the only chance for me having any relationship in person with another person.)(Maybe they’ll have people on a singles cruise who can and will actually communicate with me in person for any type of relationship unlike those here) (When there’s no chances here, I guess go somewhere else)((Maybe a singles cruise is the only chance I have to be with another person or in a relationship with another man for me)(What I know about people in the place I reside, even when I never cheated relationship wise or work, they accuse you or me of that anyway so here is a place to only cheat for me or me somewhere else) (I guess it’s a good thing that I really don’t know any adults here, nobody to miss) ((Maybe I’ll care a little at some point, somewhere else) people like that and all of this is why I don’t care in case you needed to know) (I guess those are the only ones who have an opportunity to have another kid when they can here, not me I’m kept alone here) ((there are plenty of people in this area that will say in front of me “go get your kid bitch’, like the ones who made me homeless, they only have the KIND ones here) (even if they say that was a mistake now, saying that won’t fix that, doing something about that if they can would) (no reason for that considering………………) (I wouldn’t care about those people, if that were the case) (Even if thing’s were suppose to happen for me and that person here it would have, unless that were up to people other than us, I guess) (I guess I wasn’t as important for him as he was for me) (If there were a right man for me here, I think he left over a few years ago) (Maybe that’s why a right man for me doesn’t communicate with me because there isn’t one here): (I wonder if I’m suppose to change my preferences on this site while I’m still here, if the following is true) (I think I figured out by phone means of communication with my ex-husband, the only adult male who contacts me that the only way in this country for me is with a female, no man) (I don’t think I’m in the right place for me) (After reading that, especially if that were the only person(adult) man who could really make me smile where I am.) (After reading the following message and think that may be true. I’m here and not with that person so there would be no need for me to be where I am. Does that sound right?) (I can talk and hear, do you think I learned some sign language when I was young for someone later in my life who could hear and then could not?) (The following two statements if true the most sensible solution would be for someone to help get me away from where I am.) (Do you think the following statement if true sounds really sick.) (Does it sound odd that it seems the only way I those surrounding would only allow me to live, if I were to change my preferences of being with a man to being with a woman?) (Does it also sound silly that it seems here those would prefer I’m with someone of the same sex versus the opposite sex when that is not my preference) (Does it sound silly to you that I’ve not had a reason to stay where I am in five years without meeting another adult for any possible relationship in my life. It seems the only possibility would be to try to settle for just anyone and that could be dangerous for me and the other person) (i realize when I’m able to have a life that everything’s not perfect. Though some situations can be better than other situations) (It could also be scary with some adults here(where I am). That may sound less selfish in words if I explained more here. I don’t want to explain and being here I guess I don’t have to) (Do you think meeting eventually in person for a real relationship is a possibility here? It can be scary where I am without any adults in my life.) (I’m not in a perfect situation. I through my experiences think I can be helpful for some, not necessarily in the areas I’ve experienced. I think I can be helpful for some though.) (For the following words, were you trying to change me?) (To follow the words below, to all those who made/followed assumptions and reacted about me, I in my future, i as much as another need as much as they may need to be in a relationship with another I/they are attracted to.) (To those who assumed that and other things about me, maybe want to look in the mirror and evaluate themselves) (I didn’t want to take a picture of myself and post it, I had to) (Unfortunately this is also true:: in the past, I was in a job (required documentation) position where I thoroughly documented issues to help save other people’s lives(those I didn’t know), I have do this for my own life.) (11/02:/23 Unfortunately I have to write this and very true,, I was almost run over by a vehicle again today, a lady in an SUV) (Since I’m stuck here I may as well communicate effectively with those who deserve it with words to them, words are not always nice) (I think if someone really wanted to communicate with me, they would figure out a way to follow-up with me in a way I know they want to communicate with me) (I think I might be surrounded by the wrong people for me in the wrong place since I don’t know where I am) (Here where I am, I didn’t cheat when my x wasn’t being safe and did we were divorced instead and I’ve had to suffer for that(where am I)) (There are things from within me, you can never apologize or make up for) (I can only believe some things when I see them, some things I don’t need to see to believe) (I’m an American, any idea why I should feel like a prisoner here?) (I can tell you, five years of hoping doesn’t make it come true) (None of that here or any communication of that here in 5 years, does that mean I’m in the wrong place?) (i think I may be stuck in an area that doesn’t believe in sex, like one person with another person, something like that, does that make sense to anyone?) (we can hope the same for each other, I guess) (I’m tired of trying to live in an area that would prefer I were dead) (I just needed a good man in my life, now I need a hero) (As time goes on, i think I can be with someone, just to be with someone. We just won’t love each other) (I can’t make myself love someone like someone else may not be able to make themselves love me) (I can only be with someone seriously when there is love both ways and I don’t know where that is) (For around five years, I may have also missed speaking with someone who can’t hear) (Five years alone at the hands of someone, promoted by who) , (Who was in the windmill?, nobody has answered this for me yet they just leave things near me here to remind me what I didn’t do then the circumstances w/me didn’t matter, I can’t change that.
Adventurousness Somewhat Cautious
Trustingness Somewhat Skeptical
Confidence Somewhat Humble
Romance Somewhat Romantic
Sociability Somewhat Introverted
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